• Personal Injury FAQ

    • I was injured at work but I don’t want to sue my employer. What options do I have?
      Well, we don’t blame you. But most times, you’re not really suing your employer – you’re suing their insurance provider. That’s right – their insurance company - some billion-dollar company in New York or California or wherever that makes a living by short-changing hardworking folks out here in West Texas that just want to be compensated fairly. Before we take any action, we’ll meet in person and let you know exactly who we will be held accountable. And if you don’t feel comfortable, we don’t have to move forward. We put you in the driver’s seat.
    • I’m not the kind of person who sues. What are my options?

      We get it. We don’t want to file frivolous lawsuits either. It’s important each case we accept aligns with our West Texas values. We don’t kick a man while he’s down and we never take advantage of a situation to make a quick buck. But we do believe in fairness. Insurance companies and corporations have mathematical formulas and processes in place to low-ball people like me and you. They know folks like us were raised to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and not complain. That’s not fair. That’s taking advantage of our values and our West Texas communities.

      When we file a lawsuit, what we are doing is simply insisting that the insurance companies treat your fairly. At Keith & Lorfing, we’ve made a career out of standing up to bullies. And we’ll stand up for you.

  • Passion Projects

    • Freedom Fighters

      Our representation goes beyond the courtroom. We help our clients become better fathers and better husbands through self-improvement.

      Learn More

    • A Tad From Dad

      We help you stay involved in your children’s lives while you're incarcerated. Through small gifts and memorializing your best life advice, we are here for you so you can be there for them.

    • Learn Federal Sentencing

      Federal sentencing guidelines is a whole other world. Let us do our part to decode the complexity of the federal sentencing guidelines…one enhancement at a time.

    • File a 2255 Motion

      Learn about federal habeas corpus, including 2255 and 2241 petitions. If you or a love one has already been sentenced, this website will explain your post-conviction options.