• A lawyer who demonstrated high morals and professionalism in the representation of his clients.
    Russell Lorfing appeared before me numerous times when I was serving as U.S. Magistrate Judge in Abilene and San Angelo. I found him to be well prepared for every hearing, big or small; a competent and skilled litigator, comfortable in the courtroom; and a lawyer who demonstrated high morals and professionalism in the representation of his clients. I would highly recommend Mr. Lorfing to anyone needing legal advice or services.

    - Scott F., Former United States Magistrate Judge

  • You to me are family, not just my lawyer.
    I would like to say thank you. You are the truth. You got me out of jail and are still working to keep me out. You to me are family, not just my lawyer. Thank you for everything. From The Thompson Family.

    - Jacqueline T.

  • His help also provided me with the confidence I needed to stand tall.

    I have acquired a large amount of time spent with attorneys in my professional career. Mr. Lorfing not only responded to my case when he could have moved on, but his help also provided me with the confidence I needed to stand tall. Thank you, Russell. -Jaren 

    - Jaren C.

  • Absolutely an amazing man, and an honest one at that.

    This was absolutely the best defense experience I have ever had with an attorney. Not only did he take the time to review my case, he went above and beyond in the early stages of the case. He did exactly what he said he was going to do. If he says he is getting it thrown out due to the evidence provided he means it. Absolutely an amazing man, and an honest one at that. I would recommend the Lorfing Law firm to anyone who wants a strong defense and an honest attorney. He was a blessing in my life and he truly cares about his clients.

    - Klayton W.

  • Mr. Lorfing was absolutely great!

    Mr. Lorfing was absolutely great! He responded immediately and help with my issue with professionalism and in an extremely quick manner. He helped me when I desperately needed it, and if I ever need this kind of assistance again, he will be my first call.

    - Ashley H.

  • My experience with Mr. Lorfing isn’t over but has already superseded my expectations.

    As I write this interview, my experience with Mr. Lorfing isn’t over but has already superseded my expectations. Though in life we shouldn’t have any. I have had to use lawyers in the past and for the most part, it’s always a similar feeling of “this is just business”. Not the Lorfing firm. Russell does all he can to make sure you are comfortable and in a clear understanding about what actions are being taken to defend your case. He pushes the limits of the law in the most adamant and humble way, to get the best result he can for You. Anyone questioning who they need to retain, you’ve found your answer. The cards were pretty stacked against me and now I’m able to be back in my home sharing my testimony and I’m very grateful to have the chance. Thank you again Mr. Lorfing!

    - Brandon M.

  • I would highly recommend you contact Russell if you find yourself in hot water.

    I would like to say, Russell is a man of his word. These guys aren’t your big city lawyers, they understand us West Texas folks. I must say, they got me out of a tight jam with pure professionalism and tact. I would highly recommend you contact Russell if you find yourself in hot water.

    - Brian H.

  • Russel Lorfing is a caring, hard-working attorney.

    Russel Lorfing is a caring, hard-working attorney. He is the definition of a team player. When I was down and out, he gave me the tools and motivation to continue onward. If you are in a pinch or just need some direction, I would highly recommend using his services. Thank you WEST TEXAS TOUGH!

    - Matt L.

  • Russell gave me my life back.

    I received a notice that Child Protective Services (CPS) was investigating me for hitting one of my children. Imagine a child you love making such an allegation about you. It was devastating to me and my family. I had never laid a hand on my child but how do you disprove a negative? How does one prove their innocent in this day and age? I feared the state would try and put me in jail, or worse, take away my children. Although I live in Houston, I was told that Russell Lorfing is the best defense attorney in the state of Texas. And folks, those people weren't lying. It's the best money I've ever spent. I hired him on a Tuesday, and he was on a plane the next day to meet with me and my family. He was present with the CPS interviewed my children and my wife. He prepped us on what to expect and kept us calm through the process. Over the next several weeks, he regularly reached out to the CPS caseworker and even called the prosecutor's office to lobby on my behalf. Mr. Lorfing said from day one that he couldn't guarantee a good outcome and that it was unethical for attorneys to promise a certain result but folks, he certainly delivered. The investigator concluded - rightly - that I never harmed my child. The investigation was closed and the prosecutor never brought charges against me. Russell gave me my life back. And I will be forever grateful. Oh and for what's worth, he is the only attorney I've ever met that truly cared. He worked hard on my case but he was also concerned about me as a person. He encouraged me and pushed me to be a better father and a better person. If you ever need a criminal defense attorney, look no further than the Lorfing Law Firm.

    - Randy

  • If I have a legal issue in the Big Country, he is my first call.

    Russell's experience as a prosecutor and defense counsel in both civil and criminal law has made him an excellent attorney. Both judges and juries love him, and he knows the law backward and forwards. If I have a legal issue in the Big Country, he is my first call.

    - Javier

  • I have the utmost respect for this man.

    I was a victim of cyberstalking in Lubbock County. Russell Lorfing was the prosecutor on my case. I can't put into words the level of excellence Mr. Lorfing is. Not only is he very knowledgeable about the law, but he also was very sincere and understanding about my emotional state. I honestly could not have gotten thru this ordeal without him. Mr. Lorfing gave 110% throughout my entire case. I have the utmost respect for this man.

    - Angela

  • Russell's experience, skill, and compassion are unmatched.
    As a fellow attorney, it is all too common that I run into colleagues who are competent, but not exemplary; they do just what needs to be done, but nothing more, and then they move onto the next case. Russell is the exemplary exception. With over a decade of prosecutorial experience, Russell has successfully litigated a countless number of cases, and it would be easy for him to rest on past laurels. But instead, he treats each case as if it is his only case. He takes the time to explain the entire process to his clients, answering every question, and exploring every option to obtain the best possible results. His compassion is matched only by his aggressive defense. Lest you might think that I am just writing a review to do a friend a favor, I assure you that I am not. I personally worked with Russell when he contacted me about his client who had just pled guilty to a charge in federal district court (which, by the way, was an incredible deal for his client), and he asked to handle an administrative action for the same client. By the time the client's administrative matter came to fruition, Russell's matter with him was completed. However, he continued to provide his assistance and aided us in the administrative matter by providing us with valuable expert testimony. I am not exaggerating when I say that I'm not aware of many attorneys who would do this. I'm proud to call Russell my friend and my truly esteemed colleague. If you don't hire Russell, I think you are making a huge mistake.

    - Catherine E.

  • If you want the best of the best, on your side Russell is the lawyer for you.
    My Husband was in some trouble, I mean looking at 15 years of trouble. since day one Russel was amazing, yes! I said amazing. Let me break that down because the situation that my husband was looking at was not good. Like I said he was looking at 15 years. Since day one Russel kept me and my husband in the loop. He fought hard for my husband, not only for my husband but for me and my kids wouldn't be away from him for such a long time. Russell has never rushed me off the phone and yes I always have a million questions because this is all new to me. Every phone call, every text he answered on the same day pretty much the same hour. With all the hard work and wanting to make a difference in my husband's life, he made a 15-year sentence to a 5-year sentence. All because he wants what's best for his clients. We are blessed that Russell Lorfing is the one defending my husband. He has been Amazing for us, I know he would be just as amazing and caring for you as well. If you are in trouble or know anyone in trouble don't go look for anyone else you honestly need to hire Russell Lorfing you will not regret it. If you want the best of the best, on your side Russell is the lawyer for you.

    - Kristin A.

  • Delivered an incredible victory!
    Russell represented my brother Cody. Cody has been in and out of prison most of his life. He was definitely the black sheep of the family. However, a year and a half ago he got into some trouble and I was looking at 25 years to life. This was in Montgomery County Texas. Cody and I were almost certain he was going to get 25 to life. Honestly, it scared him very badly. Cody kept his nose clean and got a job working as a mechanic making more than $30 an hour. Russell put Cody on a program called freedom fighters. Russell called him and checked on him very often... Hell, he even called me checking on him. Russell kept a very positive spin with Cody and bragged on him when he did well. The program was amazing. Russell promised Cody that if he did his job and stayed out of trouble then Russell would do his job and give him out of his legal issues...and folks. I have no idea how he did it but he was able to get PROBATION for my brother! The relief was extraordinary! We will never be able to express our gratitude enough. Cody did his job and is held down his employment for more than 2 years. No drugs no alcohol no issues of any kind. We are a large part of this to Russell. God bless this man!

    - Herbert P.

  • Honest, Aggressive and Trustworthy. Straight shooter and very willing to fight up-hill battles.
    Russ is hardworking and committed to each client. He is aggressive and comes in well prepared. Straight shooter and very willing to fight up-hill battles. He won't tell you what is easy or what you want to hear, he will tell you the truth. It is what you want for a lawyer.

    - Phil T.

  • If you need legal help, there’s not a better lawyer in Abilene
    I was looking at a really long time in federal prison and Russell was able to get me cleared of my charges through his expansive knowledge of both sides of the prosecuting and defensive sides of the law. If you’re considering a lawyer in the Abilene area I can’t recommend him enough. Great lawyer and good man. Treats you with respect and tells you straight. I can’t thank him enough for giving me a second chance and giving me my life back. Thanks, Russell, and good luck in Abilene.

    - Avvo User

  • Great, honest, and incredibly knowledgeable.
    Russell is a top-notch person. Not only keeps a professional interest in the case I liked that he wanted to know about me and where I come from before the case was even brought up. He likes to get to know the client first and become more of an acquaintance with them before you start talking business. Hands down will recommend him to anybody.

    - Robert C.