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Workplace accidents are a regular occurrence in Texas and across the country, especially in dangerous situations such as at construction sites and onshore and offshore oil rig and oilfield work. In most cases, employees in any occupation can seek workers’ compensation through government claims in which employers are not held liable for damages. These claims provide workers with limited compensation, however. In some cases, third parties other than employers can be held responsible if their actions or negligence caused or contributed to worker injuries.

At Keith & Lorfing, we hold these parties accountable through personal injury or wrongful death claims seeking appropriate damages for workers and/or their families. Our firm is led by a highly-respected trial lawyer who knows how to investigate these accidents, put cases together, and engage in tough negotiations on behalf of clients who have suffered serious physical and/or emotional consequences. Where negotiations break down, our attorney can aggressively represent you at trial seeking a full and fair result based on a carefully and thoroughly supported case.

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Worksite & Oil Rig Accidents in Texas

In any worksite accident, a third party may have contributed or caused the accident resulting in injuries. An example of this is if defective equipment or vehicles are used at a worksite, such as a construction site. When these defective products become the cause of your injuries, you have the right to file a claim against the negligent manufacturer. At worksites where heavy equipment such as power tools, cranes, bulldozers, commercial trucks, and other equipment is used, they can become the source of accident injuries. In such cases, you can sue the manufacturer for compensation that includes pain and suffering which is not included in workers’ comp as well as for all other medical and injury-related expenses.

Oil Rig & Oilfield Accidents

Texas hosts one of the of the biggest and most dangerous industries in the country – onshore and offshore oil drilling. This includes exploring for, drilling, and the completing of wells that involves the use of various types of equipment and materials. For example, blowouts causing serious and even fatal burns can take place on both offshore oil rigs as well as land-based wells. Accidents leading to serious injuries and deaths can occur due to defective equipment, machinery and pipelines that are poorly maintained, and other negligence. These jobs commonly involve various kinds of dangers, from the handling of combustible materials to swinging cranes. While oil rig accidents are not common, when they do happen, they can result in disastrous consequences for workers.

Common injuries and accidents occurring in oil drilling can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Explosions or fires caused by flammable liquids
  • Swinging cables or pipes striking workers
  • Failure of equipment due to inadequate maintenance
  • Workers falling from platforms, wet or oily stairways, ladders that are not secure, and other unsafe heights
  • Limbs caught in equipment/machinery
  • Lack of proper safety gear or other safeguards

These kinds of accidents can result in severe and life-threatening injuries, such as burns, crushed limbs, head trauma, and more. The nature of any of these oil rig injuries will depend on a variety of factors, such as what type of job was being done, whether or not it involved heavy machinery, what type of safety precautions were take or not taken, and more. In some cases, employers or third parties may try to cover up any responsibility they may have had in the accident which is why you need an attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney can act as your advocate by working to immediately to gather critical evidence about your case. You may be eligible for compensation covering all of your medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of income, and more.

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In the wake of a worksite or oil rig accident, you should consult with a qualified attorney to determine your legal rights in the matter. Our firm is dedicated to upholding those rights and to helping you pursue the compensation for which you are eligible. Each case is unique, based on a variety of factors, which is why you need the legal evaluation and guidance of our respected attorney. Let us use our considerable experience and skill to help you in such a critical legal matter.

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